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Regal White Towels

Our Full Terry Regal Economy White Towels are the best price towels for economy hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, spa, and salons

Imperial Premium White Towels

Imperial Premium Hospitality White Hotel Towels are made of Premium Ring Spun Cotton. They are shrink resistant, soft, absorbent and long lasting.

Everest White Towels

Everest Supreme Hotel Towels are made of high quality cotton yarn. They are extra soft, ultra white high end durable towels for premium accommodations and hotels.

Cashmere White Towels

Cashmere Luxury White Towels are the most luxurious 5 star hotel towels. They are super soft, highly absorbent, plush towels providing the ultimate luxurious feel and comfort for your guests.

Imperial Premium Colored Towels

Imperial Premium Color Hotel Towels are made of 100% Premium Ring Spun Cotton.  

Pool/Beach Towels & Bar Mop Towels

Enhance your service with our durable Bar Mop and Pool/Beach Towels, designed for quick absorption and easy maintenance. Ideal for wholesale buyers in Canada.

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    Our Towels Collection

    Welcome to Bloom Linen's Towel Collections! Explore our premium selection of bath towels, hotel towels, and hand towels tailored for Canadian hotel supplies. We specialize in wholesale towels in Canada, including luxury options. Elevate your guests' experience with our plush, white towels, all proudly made in Canada.

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